53 plymouth savoy

Classic Plymouth Savoy for Sale. Classifieds for Classic Plymouth Savoy. Set an alert to be notified of new listings. Now showing page 1 of 2. Browse Category. Search Tools. Set an Alert. Maxmotive is pleased to present this rare find -- a Plymouth Savoy custom that artfully blends Has correct noseBeautiful Plymouth Savoy with only 22, original miles. It could be as close to a 'new' Take a look at this Plymouth Savoy 2 door. This is very nice and solid. Floors and trunk are Contact Seller.

This car is a flat 6, with a 3 speed on the column. This car runs This is a very cool car!! Painted black with red pin stripes presto Bat-mobile Rebuilt carburetor, rebuilt its head gasket, brand new radiator Installed a rebuilt carburetor for preventive mai Refine Search. Interested In Other Items?

Vintage Set Of 5 1953 Plymouth 15” Hubcaps Cambridge Cranbrook Savoy

Sign up for our daily newsletter Click Here. Get our app. About AutoHunter.It was quite some time ago. Coincidently, is also the year that Plymouth introduced the Savoy as its mid-priced line of cars. Plymouth had previously used the Savoy name starting inas a trim level on its Suburban wagons. Named after luxury prestigious hotels, all three models were new for The Savoy was available in three body styles: the 2-door Savoy Club Sedan, 4-door Savoy sedan, and a 2-door Savoy coupe.

Every Savoy came with two-tone exterior paint combinations, as well as interiors that were color-keyed to the exterior colors. I love the backward-tilting shape of the rear quarter window and upper door portion. Noticeably absent from the interior are seat belts, which did not become common in American automobiles for another few years.

Energy-absorbing steering columns would not be introduced until the Mercedes-Benz W This one here looks like it could be pretty damaging in a high-speed collision. This required the parking brake to always be used in order to park. Like a lonely old dog at the pound, it sits, waiting for someone to love it again and take it home. A couple of our local citizens entered their Savoys in the competition but they did not make the cut.

Johnny Cash wanted to rekindle fond memories of a Savoy he owned in his early days on the road and was searching for another. I remember the ads for Johnny Cash searching for a similar Savoy. Sounded like a detergent or soap name. This may be the dowdiest, most backwards design job of the s, with the possible exception of the Hudson Jet. There is a reason that Plymouth sales tumbled, and you are looking at the main one. That said, that interior shows off the attributes of the old, old Chrysler Corporation.

Nothing cheap about that interior. And this is a mid-line model, too. I can only imagine what the Belvedere looked like. This must have been one of the later cars as it has the PowerFlite. It replaced the oddball HyDrive that was like a 3 speed mated to a torque converter, and that shared its oil supply with the engine. Verrrry expensive oil changes.

The lack of a Park feature in the automatic was sort of an old-school Chrysler-style engineering approach from the people who stuck with Fluid Drive for so long. A very nice find. Not many of these around, then or especially now. I could almost take this one home and love it like the ugly little puppy that it is. BTW, I am not old enough, but is this the color green that more early 50s cars were painted than any other? It seems like it from what I have seen. The darker green paint was in fact metallic.

Also if you notice the 4th picture from the bottom, the lighter green paint has bubbled, which indicates it was probably repainted at some point.

Olds introduced Park in their Hydramatic in I agree about these Plymouths being dowdy and I thought so when they were nearly new during my childhood. My maternal grandfather had what I believe was a 53 sedan must have been a Plaza as it was really bare bones and I thought it was a pretty ugly, cheap little car. Which leads to the question, what was it that led Plymouth to adopt a series of model names based on famous hotels?

Plaza, Savoy, Belvedere — they were all hotels. I thought that was so cool, I played with it endlessly. Quite a change in image, from dowdy to sleek rocket ship.There are certain events that happen when you grow up around drag racing that burn memories into your mind and influence your choices about the sport for the rest of your life.

For Mike Rehl, that memory swirls around a classic Mopar that his father owned, and ultimately drove him from racing Chevrolets back to a Plymouth product. Mike grew up around the hotbed of drag racing in central Ohio at tracks like Hyde Park Drag Strip, Pacemakers Drag Strip, and the original Dragway 42, helping his father Charlie Rehl, a well-known and talented racer.

Charlie was a feared competitor behind the wheel of his powered Chevy, but when the Dodge Max Wedge car came to town, things changed. Soon, the Plymouth was at the family shop getting the entire driveline from the engine on back pulled out to get a full Super Stock blueprint treatment so that it could be a contender at the track. Little did Mike know he was about to embark on a huge racing adventure with his family that would shape his racing future.

In the third race, my father took the win, but all hell broke out when the people on the starting line said my father jumped and had to rerun the race. Mike Rehl. The final stop on the Florida tour was a series of match races in St. The family headed back to Ohio with more money and parts than they left with, making the trip a successful one, and a life-changing experience for Mike. Over the years, Mike and his family stayed very active in the Ohio racing scene, helping to run National Trail Raceway; and he even got back behind the wheel.

Mike went on to win a class championship at the U. Even with all of that success over the years, he still wanted a Plymouth Max Wedge car like his father owned and provided such great memories on the family racing trip. Mike had no idea that his journey to build a car like the one that influenced him so much would eventually be a reality. One year, Mike decided to take a trip with a few of his racing friends to the Charlotte Auto Fair at Charlotte Motor Speedway to see what he could find for a project.

So I thought this guy may be the person to ask if he knew where I could find a Savoy two-door post car. It was a plain-jane car with a slant-six, automatic transmission, baby caps, and no power options, but it was complete, so I went back inside and asked Larry what he wanted for the car.

Life got a bit busy for Mike after he got the car home, so it took over 13 years for the Savoy to be completed. Much of that time was spent running his successful auto sales business and racing his Super Street Monte Carlo, but the work on the Savoy had to be perfect to meet the vision he had in mind.

The finished product is a Nostalgia Super Stock car that has won Best in Show awards, can be driven on the street, and will lay down second passes on motor without straining itself. Inside the big Mopar motor is a rotating assembly that has a Callies steel crank as its backbone, Eagle H-Beam rods, and Diamond Racing pistons to round out the combination.

The spark for the Mopar mill is provided by an MSD ignition system that features an MSD distributor, coil, plug wires, and ignition box. All of that big-block Mopar power is turned into pavement shredding force by a Torqueflight transmission built by Cope Racing Transmissionsand is matched to a rpm stall converter from Quick Draw Converters.

53 plymouth savoy

Putting the power to the ground is a Ford 9-inch that uses Strange Engineering axles, 4. A ladder bar-style suspension is matched with a set of Strange coilover shocks to keep the car planted to the track.

Up front, the factory control arms remain in place along with another set of Strange adjustable shocks. The body panels along with other miscellaneous parts recieved an acid dip treatment to make sure everything was up to specification.

The car then got a Max Wedge-style hood and received its many coats of white paint from Wayne Campbell after the bodywork was complete. The final product is a stunning car that looks ultra-fast just sitting still.

Now that his Savoy is complete, Mike plans on doing more with it than just parking it at car shows. This Mopar will see some serious racing action. That inspiration drove him to keep racing and looking for an opportunity to build a car like the one that meant so much to his family.

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53 plymouth savoy

We promise not to use your email address for anything but exclusive updates from the Power Automedia Network.Streetside Classics Atl Lithia Springs, GA. Gateway Classic Cars of Houston, TX. California Cadillacs an Los Angeles, CA. Streetside Classics Nas La Vergne, TN. This Plymouth Suburban Restomod is a cool two-door wagon. And beneath its classic-style minty green paint is a full performance suspension, six-speed man Featured Photos 70 Walk-Around Video.

Check Availability. Photos 1. I have owned and worked on this car for the last 17 years. It is pretty much fully restored including paint and interior. It runs Photos 4. Photos Call us For More Details We offer Professional Photography, Complete Has new tires! Garage kept -Vehicle is on consignment and at our clients home -Please Call First and talk Photos 6. Photos 5. Very solid car.The Plymouth Savoy is an automobile model produced from the through model years by Plymouth. Plymouth used the name Savoy on several automobiles.

Fromthe Savoy name was used on a station wagonupgrading the base model Suburban. Later was a line of full-sized Plymouths from When introduced inlater in the year with model paint schemes, the Savoy was Plymouth's mid-level car and priced between the base Plaza sedans and the top-line Belvedere models. Inthe Savoy was available with new power steering. Inthe line added a hardtop coupe and the Custom Suburban station wagon. Inseat belts were added for safety. Here is a promotional video produced by Chrysler, where the Plymouth models were built on the assembly line at Lynch Road Assembly.

For the and model years, the line added a four-door hardtop sedan. InPlymouth dropped the Plaza and replaced it with the Savoy, making the Savoy the model's entry level full-size Plymouth. The two hardtop models were dropped, as well as the side trim and interior appointments.

Sales were not diminished as the Savoy became fleet vehicles used by taxicab companies, police departments and other fleet-minded customers where luxury was not a concern. The model was also available to customers who were in the market for a low-cost, economical vehicle with the availability of a V-8 engine and automatic transmission, and room of a full-size vehicle.

Bya new model, the Plymouth Taxi Specialwas spun off from the Savoy. Front leg room was Plymouth models were restyled in The styling for was a year "most beholders would agree Plymouth discontinued the Savoy nameplate at the end of the model year, except in Canada, where it continued through Inthe full-sized entry level Plymouth model in the U.

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1954 Plymouth Savoy for Sale

Register now to get rid of these ads! The H. Last edited: Feb 18, LowerthanLifeFeb 2, Do some searching on here, lots of info on putting small block mopars in these cars, and lots of info on flathead sixes as well. A pre-magnum carburated 3. ETwagonFeb 2, Unless the rod is sticking through the block it would probably be easier faster and cheaper to rebuild the old motor.

Have you taken the head off and measured the cylinders? How is the crankshaft? If you do not need to bore the cylinders and buy new pistons not necessary if there is. Probably just as cheap as an engine swap even if the engine and trans is free, if you have to buy driveshaft, mounts, rad hoses etc. O ya if you do an engine and trans swap you have to change the rear axle too, reason there is no emergency brake on your rear axle it is on the transmission, if you replace the trans you have to put on different brakes and it is just as easy to change the rear end.

Another problem is the narrow engine compartment, steering especially was not made with a V8 in mind. You can usually get around this by offsetting the engine and finding just the right exhaust manifold. It's all according to what you want. Most guys are keeping the flathead these days, I am in this camp. But if you want to do an engine swap, and have the skills to do it, it's up to you. Rusty O'TooleFeb 2, My vote is rebuild the flathead six or replace with another one. Ill be the first one to say As a 53 Plymouth owner I can say that there was a time when the idea of switching it out the flathead for a V8.

Then I read the number of neat things that have been done to a flathead to give it more power and more reliability.

53 plymouth savoy

You can find speed parts for the engine, 3. George Asche in PA is a mopar 6 genius. He can talk your ear off with the information he has on making a flathead fun to drive. He has a flathead 6 set up that gets 31mpg I think. Message me for his number.

Earl "Edgy" Edgerton in CA has a overhead valve flathead 6 that did He makes speed equipment for the flathead.

Aluminum heads, dual intakes and he even grinds cams. If you end up going the SBC route know you have to of set the engine about 1.The Plymouth Cranbrook is an automobile which was built by Plymouth from to It replaced the Special Deluxe when Plymouth changed its naming scheme and was essentially the same as the Plymouth Concord and Cambridgebut at a higher trim level.

The name Cranbrook may have been taken from a city in British Columbia, but it may also have been taken from Cranbrook Drive in Detroit; this small street intersected with Cambridge Avenue.

Concord Street ran by the plant. This indicates that the cars may have been named after streets near Chrysler Corporation facilities.

1953 Plymouth Cranbrook Kustom transformation

The Plymouth Cranbrook, as a car, was conservatively styled, designed to fit K. Keller's notion that cars be practical and allow drivers to sit upright while wearing a hat; it was sold at a time when competitors favored the low and sleek look.

Differences between the Special Deluxe and the Plymouth Cranbrook are relatively few in number and scope, with interchangeable glass and doors, but different rubber seals; lack of woodgrain on the instrument panel; plastic brake handle instead of chrome; and other similar changes.

More substantial was having what had been the hood release handle function as the overdrive control. Fender lettering and other badging necessarily changed as well. From a distance, the cars were essentially similar.

Forthe boxy shape was changed for straighter lines, with sleeker and more modern styling. The windshield went to a modern one-piece unit; and the door handles pulled out instead of twisting. The glove box was moved to the center for easier access by the driver. The gas cap was moved to under the trunk lid, resulting in initial problems with gas spilling out of a full tank into the trunk; this problem was resolved with baffles in mid Inthe Cranbrook name was replaced by the Belvederewhich had been the top trim level of the Cranbrook; all Plymouth names were switched to those of upscale hotels.

The Plymouth P series was also produced in Australia [5] and was marketed under the Cranbrook name. The Plymouth P series, which was marketed in the U. From a coupe utility variant was offered in addition to the four door sedan and was available in Cranbrook, Savoy and Belvedere models.

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