Room 8 – silenus room – galleria borghese

The paintings upstairs are worth seeingas well as the 3 or 4 famous Caravaggio's downstairs in Room 8. They display Bernini's range and talent. And the hand on Persephone's hip is a testament to perfection in stone!!! A must if visiting Rome Although I went to this museum on a school field trip I really enjoyed this museum. I have not been able to see the whole museum but from what I have seen they have a very beautiful collection.

Galleria Borghese, Rome: Hours, Address, Galleria Borghese Reviews: 4.5/5

Together with what my teacher knew and told us about all the paintings and statues I learned a lot in this museum. Traveled with our grandson aged 13years. Saw the Borghese gallery first. If they are not academic or into art it is best to get this amazing building out of the way. In between you can have a snack in their great cafe. But for him the real fun took place when we took out the motorized bikes. They go pretty fast up and down the hills of this beautiful park but provide a great hours entertainment in what is a long day for a child in Rome!!

My wife and I did not anticipate the time necessary to reserve on line to book this venue.

Your Guide to Seeing the Borghese Gallery Highlights in Rome

Basically the only day we had to see the gallery was the very next day and the on-line indicated they were completely sold out. Rick Steeve's book mentioned that you may be lucky and get in IF some people did not show up for their allotted time. We arrived at for the am showing and asked if there were any no-shows. So far no, comeback at At we were told we could get in as there were some no shows.

Its usually full. The reason its usually full is because it is a fantastic place to see some beautiful art like Bernini, Canova, Caravaggio etc. The sculptures are incredible. We only got to 2 of the 3 floors in our time limit. We purchased the guide recordings and highly recommend it. With the small amount of visitors for the 3 floors, you can always find an exhibit for a private viewing. There is not only art throughout he gallery, but the entire place, on the floor tiles on ceiling etc.

Do not miss this. Awe inspiring art and sculpture; please don't hesitate to get the pre-recorded tour so you can explore and learn at your own pace.

I am now a true lover of Bernini and Caravaggio. This is a very unique museum. You must reserve your tour in advance.Good wireless internet-connection, good TV and radio coverage, updated furniture and bathroom. No real reception area, no breakfast opportunities or halls with chairs etc. The location of hotel was in a "office area", no grocery stores around, or shops, limited with restaurants - but close to Porta Pia, where busses would go to the center.

room 8 – silenus room – galleria borghese

The beds were kind of hard. No possibility to leave your luggage during mid-dayon for 2 hours on the day of the flight - it is really an apartment with no extra service.

Bernini Sculptures and Caravaggio Masterpieces: Discover the Borghese Gallery

Service, cleaning, english speaking staff, payment policy very poor. You have grouped this hotel as aparthotel but it has no faclity like kitchen. There was no body on reception after some tome to take care of us. The above facilities are in other hotels. The room with big and have alot of space to wander around not like any other hotel room u get stuck between beds and ur bags. The front desk is staffed during limited hours. A roundtrip airport shuttle is available for a surcharge.

Galleria Borghese is the closest landmark to Ludovisi Luxury Rooms. No, Ludovisi Luxury Rooms does not offer free parking. No, Ludovisi Luxury Rooms does not offer free airport shuttle service. Ludovisi Luxury Rooms is 9.

No, pets are not allowed at Ludovisi Luxury Rooms. No, Ludovisi Luxury Rooms does not have a pool onsite. Historical Center is known for: tours, history, shopping, elegant, public squares.

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La Galleria Borghese visitata dal Prof A Paolucci

Nearby hotels. Good to know Value for money 8. Bed type. Show reviews that mention. No reception staff after PM.Seen from above, the villa is heart-shaped. Within its edges stands the stunning Borghese Gallery, one of the finest museums in Rome. In this dream scenario of lush vegetation, little lakes and fountains, art and nature merge harmoniously. The museums, which develops on two floors, houses one of the most beautiful collection of artwork in the world.

Be ready to relive first hand your favorite tales at the Borghese Gallery! In this post we are going to cover the 10 Masterpieces you should not miss, hoping to help you during your visit! A brief introduction is mandatory if you are planning your experience at the Borghese Gallery.

We could not miss to tell you how this dream place came to be. Today, the Borghese Gallery is a museum.

room 8 – silenus room – galleria borghese

OK, we got that covered! However, you must think about the gallery as part of a larger complex, within the green setting of the gardens, a palace intended for the contemplation of the beauty of art and nature. The villa dates back to the 17th century.

room 8 – silenus room – galleria borghese

The rapid rise of the Borghese family, originally from Siena, in the city of Rome reached the highest point with the election of Pope Paul V Camillo Borgheseknown for being an avid collector of artwork. At his side, his nephew Scipione Borghese, absolute protagonist of the papal court. He immediately commissioned the works to architect Flaminio Ponzio.

Works to build Villa Borghese started in and were completed years later by Giovanni Vasanzio, following the model of other noble residences in Rome, such as Villa Farnesina and Villa Medici. Before going inside, take some time to admire the facade. The light structure and color of the building is perfectly balanced with the natural set, while decorations on the facade are just a taste of the wonders of art housed inside. By Villa Borghese underwent some significant changes under the direction of architect Antonio Asprucci.

A large group of artists, painters and sculptors worked on the inner decorations, making of Villa Borghese a model to draw inspiration from all across Europe.Not recommended for families with children. We were treated rudely by FOUR different members of the staff. First the staff member refusing to allow me to take in a tiny bag containing a bottle of milk, one diaper and packet of wipes for a newborn baby. She refused to let an elderly woman use the elevator, saying that other guests were more disabled.

Third by the way the guards practically throw you out the door half hour before closing time. Just a dreadful experience. Permanently displayed are his "David" so real and expressive I felt like running before his stone left the sling and "Apollos and Daphne" - Apollo chases Daphne as the God's turn her into a Laurel Tree to protect her from his desire. As you circle the sculpture it "moves" with Daphne sprouting delicate leaves from her fingertips and tresses, as the bark encircles her body and roots spread from her feet to gird her safely to the earth.

Apollos is clueless in his smiling hot pursuit The Galleria is filled with beautiful paintings some Caravaggio and sculptures. It took us 2 hours to view the exhibit, The Galleria itself is beautiful.

The formal gardens lots of formal citrus fruits, hedges need some work, but much remains amidst the fountains and beautiful garden buildings. The surrounding park is a welcome relief to stroll and the location has several other points of interest Zoo, Museums. All are connected by the Park Walking Loop. It is near the Spanish Steps as well. After several days of walking round Rome it was great to do something different, we went to this green area and explored the pathways on segways- fun way to see it all.

Fabulous views over the rooftops of Rome from here too. Loved it. This place for us was hard to findif you get off the tour bus at Bellini go straight up the road keep American embassy to your right you will come to one of the main gates.

Also you may be between tours so be prepared to wait. Watch the lady on audio hire which is extra to you ticket she has an armband with god written on it. The collection is amazing. Keep you tour to the correct room numbers then audio will not be confusing. Simply amazing. Loved how close you were able to get to the sculptures and paintings.

Loved the fact that numbers are limited and if the visit is well planned you are able to view many highlights without the crowds.They were re- moved from the east facade of the villa when various antiquities were taken to France during the Napoleonic occupation; they remained in the Villa because the transport of the heavy blocks did not appear to be either opportune or urgent since the Sarcophagus showing Muses from the Albani Collection reached Paris at the end of The short sides were sent there both because of their smaller dimensions and their contents, which gave symbolic character to the whole: on one end was a closed door, the symbol of Hades; on the other, Homer between the personifications of the Iliad and the Odyssey.

It was a sarcophagus of Asiatic provenance with a design in- spired by the vertical division of the permanent stage sets and a proscenium in Roman theatres. The two long sides are divided by six twisted colonnettes with Corinthian capitals, between which three niches alternate with flat surfaces.

Each cavity is crowned with a shellshaped half-dome; the two lateral ones are surmounted by segmental arches, the central one with a pediment. A cor- nice resting on the capitals completes the flat surfaces with a cyma reversa, ovoli and dentils.

Although frequent in Anatolian production, the sequence arch—entablature—pediment—entabla- ture—arch is not found as the frame for other decorative complexes featuring Muses, which makes this work particularly interesting as the first example of what was to become a popular style.

In the end wall of the room is embedded the rear face of the sarcophagus; the figures are arranged on different levels, their varying sizes creating an illusion of depth. From the left: Euterpe with the lyre reconstructed, but attested to by the baldric that supported the instrument introducing the convivial poetry; Erato with the cithara for the ceremonial songs; Clio with a diptych on which to write history; Urania pointing out the celestial globe to the astronomers; Poly- hymnia intent on dreaming of lyric poetry.

On the front, embedded in the en- trance wall of the room, the figures between the columns are all at the same level. In the centre is Apollo Musagetes playing the cithara; on his right is Terpsichore with a double flute supervising the dancing; at the end is Calliope, with a scroll of epic poetry. Previous Next. Galleria Borghese Private Tour Tour. View Cart. Galleria Borghese Group Tour Tour. Galleria Borghese Ticket Ticket. Related Projects. Portrait of a Women Portrait of a Women. Portrait of Britannicus Portrait of Britannicus.

room 8 – silenus room – galleria borghese

Cloaked Boys Cloaked Boys. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.The Borghese Gallery is one of the top attractions in Rome for any art lover. From Bernini sculptures to Caravaggio paintingsyou can admire some of the greatest masterpieces in the world.

The Borghese Gallery is located in the main building of Villa Borghesea grand 17th century stately home. Before becoming an art gallery, the building was the home of Scipione Borghesean Italian cardinal. Scipione had such a passion for art that he began collecting it obsessively. He would go to all lengths to acquire masterpieces so that he could exhibit them in his home. From the 17th century until the early 19th century, the art collection in Villa Borghese remained private, off-limits to the public.

But in the Borghese Family finally opened the Gallery to the public. There are two whole floors of exhibition rooms, and several masterpieces by world — famous artists. Bernini was a sculptora painter and an architect. He was a jack of all creative trades, and his art and architecture can still be seen around the city. The gallery has an entire Bernini exhibit with 8 different subsections. Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio was a 16th century painter who paved the way towards Baroque painting.

He used contrasts between dark and light to depict the darker moments of life — moments of violence, torture and death. Even in his not-so-dark works, he would include any flaws he saw in his subjects, rejecting flattery and idealism in art. He was contracted to decorate the Contarelli Chapel of San Luigi dei Francesci and received several other high profile commissions. Despite his success, Caravaggio lived a troubled life. He was often at the centre of violence, and one brawl even led to him being sentenced to death for murder.

He fled to escape death and on the run he developed his style in Malta and Sicily. But he continued to brawl and create enemies, and even had his face disfigured during a fight in Naples. In he died of mysterious circumstances. Raphael was admired for having a natural and seemingly effortless ability to paint clear and idyllic images.

Tiziano Vecelli was one of the most versatile Renaissance painters. He lived a long life and over the years his style changed frequently, making him one of the more dynamic painters of the 16th century. One constant throughout many of his paintings though was the use of colour.

If he was painting a landscape, the colours of nature would be vivid. Dominic and Sacred and Profane Love. Entrance to the gallery is only for two hoursso planning what masterpieces you want to see is a must. Here are some of the most famous masterpieces in the Borghese Gallery, including Bernini sculptures and Caravaggio paintings. It was sculpted between and The Rape of Proserpina is another Bernini sculpture made from marble, sculpted between and It shows the abduction of Proserpina, an ancient Roman goddess.

The story goes that she was taken by Pluto, who was the ruler of the Underworld. One interesting thing to note about this painting is that originally, the unicorn was supposed to be a dog. But Raphael painted over the dog with the image of a unicorn — a symbol of purity.

In doing so, he paints himself as damned as a result of violence and conflict. This famous painting by Titian shows two ladies with a child between them. One of the women is fully clothed with a sprig of myrtle, and the other is nude, gazing at her female companion.

No one is entirely sure what the painting means, or even if its current title was what Titian intended.There is no Rome without its centuries' worth of tradition and culture. And you would have to be living under a rock to not know that art runs through Rome like blood courses through our veins.

Out of the 10 million tourists that will visit Rome by the end of this year, a vast majority will only turn up because of Rome's lengthy catalog of museums and art galleries.

You would understand why that is once to step inside Borghese Gallery or Galleria Borgheseone of the most prominent art galleries in the world. This gallery is perpetually swarming with illustrious artwork and their admirers. It is rightly said that if you can visit just one art gallery in a lifetime, let it be Borghese Gallery in Rome.

Ina leading patron of art in Rome, Cardinal Scipione Borghese used his position to begin a private collection of artworks. He had an impeccable eye for creative genius and the collection that attracts a large number of tourists these days can be attributed to him. However, the history of the Borghese Gallery is not completely chaste. Cardinal Scipione Borghese was known to imprison artists so that he could collect their works for his gallery.

In the early 19th Century, two of the best-known artworks of the Borghese Gallery had to be sold to Napoleon, which can now be seen at the Louvre Museum in Paris. The Borghese Gallery attained its current form in when it was opened for public visits. While the museum's unique timed reservation system is great for keeping crowds to a minimum inside the Borghese Gallery - you can expect to find a whole lot of people waiting in line outside the museum.

Aside from the tedious queue, tickets are limited and sell out quickly. Pre-purchasing your tickets online will ensure you get your preferred time slot and help save time with skip-the-line access.

Price. As the name suggests, Borghese Gallery is the principal home of the collection of sculptures and art that were put together by the legendary Borghese family.

This includes the historically significant works by the old masters, as well as other renowned contemporary painters from around the globe. Consequently, Borghese Gallery in Rome serves as a time capsule freezing art from 1st century CE onwards. The exhibitions are segregated by time period to aid a parallel critique of the evolution of different techniques. Borghese Gallery is hosted in the former Villa Borghese Pinciana. The villa itself is adorned with architectural masterstrokes.

The two floors of the villa that now welcome thousands of art aficionados are reminiscent of quintessential Roman architecture. Moreover, the walk to and from Borghese Gallery will take you through the serene Villa Borghese Park. This can possibly be one of the most tranquil experience you will ever have.

It would be a big mistake to miss Borghese Gallery when you are in Rome. The Borghese Gallery shares its grounds with the equally impressive Villa Borghese gardens. With over 90 points of interest that includes classical statues and monuments, the Borghese Garden is one of the largest and most beautiful public parks in Rome.

Located atop the gentle Pincian Hill, one can catch impressive views of the bustling Piazza del Popolo, the Tiber and Rome. The Borghese Gallery is one of the most important attractions in Rome and a must-visit place on every traveller's bucket list. However, it is also one of the most regulated galleries with a strict visiting policy. Only visitors are allowed to be inside the gallery at once. Each day, there are five time slots when guests can visit.

Each time slot is for two hours. At the end of the two hours, you have to leave the museum. As result, Borghese Gallery tickets are highly valuable and tend to sell out quickly. Especially during peak tourist season, it's imperative to book tickets in advance. If you arrive at the museum without a ticket in hand, it's very likely tickets will be sold out, in which case you will have to wait two hours, until the next time slot.

In addition, even if you do get tickets, the line is regularly quite long, since admission is done at a particular time rather than at a constant flow.


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